Would you like a software that follows your business? Our custom software solutions designed from scratch based on your domain knowledge and is modelled inspired by the business. The result is a flexible software that can be maintained easily.


Do you have business needs that you want to understand more clearly? Would you like to document it in an understandable and easily presentable format? Our staff can analyze your business process and able to help you to gain the power of clear documentation.


Do you need to extend your development capacity? We have in-house and contracted developers to help you not to miss a project because of insufficient resources. Our developer's knowledge managed by BCM and improving day-by-day.

Project Management

Would you really like to follow your projects? Are you curious enough to look inside the execution? We can help you to plan and monitor your projects according to make alignment decisions easily during the progress.

IT Operation

Let's lean back and watch that everything is going in it’s order. Your IT system is working. We setup a monitoring system for you to ensure that your business keeps running seamlessly. We will do the monitoring and notify you if you need to pay attention to the system. Until then, just relax!


We believe the knowledge is a real value. The continuous extension of the human knowledge is a must. Our training structure consists hundreds of mosaic pieces that helps you to achieve the next level you want.