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Salutary reading material if you want to get away from the computer

Do you want to take a break from looking at the screen?
The following books will put you in the picture about how software development works. We recommend these titles to anyone who's interested in software development and the services BCM offers.

Base knowledge

Jeffrey Richter - CLR via C# 3
Joseph Rattz- Pro LINQ
Jeffrey Richter - Windows via C/C++ 5
Jeffrey E.F. Friedl: Mastering Regular Expressions
Juval Lowy: Programming WCF Services

Business Process Design

Bruce Silver: BPMN Method & Style
Steve Adolph, Paul Bramble, Alistair Cockburn, Andy Pols: Patterns for Effective Use Cases
Alistair Cockburn: Effective Use Cases

Software Design

Martin Fowler: Refactoring
Eric J. Evans: Domain Driven Design
Greenfield Short: Software Factories
Cwalina Abrams: Framework Design Guidelines
Martin Fowler: Analysis Patterns
Martin Fowler: Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture

Unit Testing

Mark Seemann: Dependency Injection in .NET
Newkirk Vorontsov: Test-Driven Development in Microsoft .NET
Kent Beck, Cynthia Andres: Extreme Programming Explained
Kent Beck: Test-Driven Development
Gerard Meszaros: xUnit Test Patterns

Service Oriented Systems

Thomas Erl: Service-Oriented Architecture - A field Guide to Integrating XML and Web Services
Thomas Erl: Web Service Contract Design & Versioning for SOA
Thomas Erl: Service-Oriented Architecture - Concepts, Technology, and Design

Hardcore Programming

Joe Duffy: Concurrent Programming on Windows
Cameron Hughes, Tracy Hughes: Professional Multicore Programming - Design and Implementation for C++ Developers
Steven Pratschner: Customizing the .NET Framework Common Language Runtime

Software Testing

William E. Perry: Effective Methods for Software Testing


Adam Freeman, Allen Jones: Programming .NET Security